Wednesday, May 23, 2012

10 Ways To Be A More Romantic Husband

The first ten steps to becoming a more romantic husband.

1. When you wake in the morning tell her that you love her and also let this phrase be the last words that you say to her before you close your eyes at night. Don't just say I love you once every now and then but instead use this phrase as a greeting each time you pass by your wife. Sure, she might think that you have gone a little crackers, but she will appreciate hearing what is in your heart.

2. Phone her from work just to say I love you.

3. Compliment her at least once every day.

4. Be a good listener. Women are communicators, but men often forget this, so be sure to keep communication flowing between the two of you. Encourage her to talk about her day. Confide your feelings to her and discuss issues that concern you. Make sure that some time each day is spent just keeping in touch with your partner.

5. Respect your partners accomplishments. Compliment her on her achievements and encourage her to follow her dreams. When you are a true friend to your partner then your role as lovers will just naturally blend in to the relationship.

6. Kiss her good-bye when you are leaving the house and kiss her again when you come back home.

7. Hold her hand when you are walking together or just sitting on the couch watching television together. Touch without sexual implication is very important in a relationship. Let her know that you simply enjoy being close to her.

8. After you finish supper in the evening help to clear the dishes from the table. Never just get up from the table, head to the television, and leave the entire clean up for her. Helping out in the home is one of the most romantic things that a husband can do.

9. Purchase an apron and be sure to put it on to help with a few of the household chores. A man doing housework is actually a very romantic image. There is nothing more attractive than a man doing dishes.

10. A tired stressed out wife is not going to feel as romantic toward you as a relaxed and well rested one will. Pamper her with a meal at a restaurant at least once every couple weeks. If you have kids then spend time with them so she has time for herself. Let her have the opportunity to just soak in the tub, or put her feet up, and relax for a couple hours with a nice hot cup of tea.