Monday, March 21, 2011

Inside every girls' heart...

Inside every girls' heart, there is always a boy who is not their boyfriend
They may be once loved, or they may have like one another
But why aren't they together?....

Perhaps, it was because some other friends hence he/she did not pursue you,
or perhaps because of his/hers family, both of you did not be together,
or maybe she was just being considerate towards her own future that she did not waited for you....

Perhaps you just got to know each other too early,
therefore you did not know how to treasure one another,
Maybe you just got to know one another too late,
where you have already got someone with you,

Or maybe you just got to realize it too late,
when he/she is no longer waiting for you,
Or perhaps you were too busy guessing what was in his/her heart,
and you did not make any move after all,

But, even if both of you did not get together 
You are still friends,
But you know it clearly at the bottom of your heart that for this person, 
you would simple care just a little more than any friend

Although you could not hold his/her hand and go shopping just like any boyfriend/girlfriend did
But you are friends that can chat almost about anything
When she has someone she adores, you will try helping her to pursue him
yet you were not too sure if you would ever wish that she would success
When she is in trouble
You will try your very best to help her
and never even think of reciprocation

When your boyfriend/girlfriend is jealous,
you will just tell your boyfriend/girlfriend that they are just a friend,
But deep down your heart, you weren't even sure if that is true

In everyone's life,
there must be a special friend like this,
someone that causes you such confusion

At first, you might not like to be "just friends"
But as time goes by, you will soon realize that this is the best for both,
You would rather care for him/her this way
than to be together and broke it off someday,
You would prefer to be his/her friend
so that you will not get jealous about each other and hence you could talk about almost everything

Especially in this way,
you will know that,
she will forever care for you,
even when we could not be made a couple,
what harm does it brings even being a special friend of hers?

Does this remind you of someone that is in your heart now? Who that is?
There are often too many relationships that does not correspond,
and only ended up not being friends anymore

You may always feel that it could have been better friendship instead
But eventually, just because of a simple sentence such as "I like you"
and if you did not correspond in the same way, it may put your friendship at risk
and hence it is completely comprehensible that why some people will never take such a step

Because it is really like a gamble,
after you had confess your love, you could either be a couple
or you could no longer be friend
Because there are things that we are not able to predict, perhaps if he/she does not mind,
you could still be friend, but there are certain things that is no longer the same as before...


  1. salam alaik..

    idea ukhti mmg byk dan sentiasa flowing.. tapi grammar boleh diperbaiki lagi.


  2. sepatah harem guwa tak paham bahasa inggeris ni. wakaka...