Monday, January 25, 2010

Girls, Love, Happiness.

Girls, Love, Happiness.

Ask yourself. Are you in love? Do u know the difference between lust and love? if it's true that you are in love, are you sure that your partner is the right one for you? THINK.

This entry is written especially for men out there. A message, that i think will help them understand what women wants in relationships. But of course, ladies out there can also take note on the things being said. Let's read what i'm gonna write in here.

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#1. REMEMBER! Girls are not aliens. So, please stop shivering when you speak with us.

#2. Be real & and be yourself. Girls does not need an actor in the relationship.

#3. Always remember that, boys think logically and Girls think emotionally

These are the three important facts that guys need to know about girls. How to get a girl who you like? Be a man, Be real, Be talkative, and TRUST yourself . And one of the way to please a girl you loved is by knowing what they want. Sometimes, women can be complicated and it’s up to the men give them their utmost attention.

I don't blame guys if they don't understand girls. Because sometimes, the things that seemed painfully obvious to women can go unnoticed by men! Why? Because how girls communicate is different from how guys did. Girls pick up subtle hints [and sometimes translated them incorrectly] while guys like things being said to their face. Sometimes, the key to understanding your girl is to read between the lines of what she's saying to discover what she really means. so PLEASE pay attention to this:

1. We doesn't appreciate being called fat.

2. We like to be informed in advance if you are going to be late. DON'T make a girl wait for you.

3. Be a gentleman please. Girls appreciate it.

4. Most girls enjoyed being babied and pampered by her loved one [not All, but most of them]

5. When a girl is feeling insecure, she needs reassurance from you.
Tell her she's special, which is why you picked her over the others.

6. Girls always wants to get serious and need committment to avoid heartbreak.

7. When girls told that she don't feel like talking, she means; i really NEED to talk!

so, what do you think guys? WAKE UP! Please try to understand what girls really want in a relationship so it won't lead to heartbreak.

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  1. entry ni sangat2 membntu utk lelaki yang kurang tw pasal perempuan..thanks a lot..

    saya pernah tulis apa yg saya tak faham pasal perempuan dlm entry ni..

    harap sudi baca dan jawab persoalan saya..hrap sudi ehh..saya sgt menghargainya klu awak sudi jwb utk saya.

  2. thanks sendra :) nnty sy pegi baca okayh :)

  3. i sound silly when i speak in english..
    ho ho ho ..
    dlm bm x de ke ?

  4. takde kai tp ade ramai buat balasan entry ni:


  5. mmg saje je baby nak kenakan papa. haha